Our wonderful stylist, trained and worked all around the world, are bringing their knowledge love and passion to Glamorous Hair Studio. Read autobiography under each picture to get to know your stylist a little bit better!

Natasa Vulovic

Owner / Senior Stylist / Hair Extensions Specialist

+1345 929 96 96

Ever since I was a kid in a kindergarten, you could see me in a corner playing with rollers and empty hairspray bottles. Well, I guess it was meant to be. And here I am today, having a successful career in hair industry for over 30 years. I will never forget my parents faces when I told them that I want to be a hairdresser, even though they had a different career already planned for me. I started my own hair salon on 27th October 1987, at the age of 19. I became the youngest business owner in my city. This soon became an interesting story for a local newspaper, and a headline in the newspaper was...

Tamara Pesic

Beautician / Salon Coordinator

+1345 929 96 96

I have entered the hair industry quite unexpected. After I finished the economy school, and started a programming college, I met the love of my life, and he owned a hair salon, left by his mom Natasa. By spending a lot of time in a hair salon, I realized how much I love spending time there and how much it makes me happy. Even when I was a child, I used to take my mom`s lipsticks and take it to the kindergarten and apply it to all the kids in my group. I also wanted to make my mom and my friends pretty by combing their hair, or making curls with a piece of cloth. After spending a lot of time in the salon I finished nail and makeup course and I started doing nails and makeup.

Dejan Rakic

Senior Stylist /


I have been working in my mother salon since I was 13. After a few years of shampooing and assisting many talented stylists, I decided that I wanted to be the one behind the chair. Soon after I applied for a beauty school, and that is how I started my hairstyling career. After I finished beauty school, I started working on the cruise ships. Having a chance to meet a lot of wonderful people from all around the world, many great hairstylists, and a lot of trainings, my cruise ship career lasted for 10 years. Right after working on the cruise ships, I moved to Grand Cayman, in 2015. .